Monday, 28 July 2014

The Wretched.

The reasons start as soon as the feeling kicks in.
This is over and it will never be the same again.
Your mouth made me fall in and out of love with you.
Now I’m falling in and out of conscientiousness too.
This romantic tragedy drove me to the liquor store.
It dropped me off there and even borrowed me some money.
It waited outside while I flirted with the clerk who was laying up 2 bottles of whiskey.
It then drove me to the park. 
My favorite spot in the world to go on about how unfair life is and to sit and watch people live their lives without me having any impact on them. 
I could be dead and they wouldn't even notice.
It’s the same stupid cliche.
Boy loves girl, girl loves everybody else.
Spare me the body count you've got under your belt.
And I’ll spare you this letter of the feelings I felt.
Let’s go back to the start where you said it was only you and me.
Before you added many more branches to the lover tree.
Whenever a problem arose you were quick to hit the door.
Trying to ignore the problem doesn't make it go away.
I found that out the hard way.
Like paper clips we get attached to our death certificates.
And get lost in the crevices of time and get forgotten and replaced.
Like we’re all just disposable.
The good make way for the bad through negligence.
The innocent make way for the corrupt through loneliness.
Together they make a void where disposable lost souls just keep drifting around, and this is where I met you.

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