Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dead Lover Society.

Like claws suspended by string and beads
You hang from my neck and I wear you proud
You deadly creature you. You sign of strength.
I had to hunt you down.
I had to prove a point that I am an alpha male and that I take what I want.
And I wanted you. And only you.
But that’s what I wanted and now I want your head against the wall.
Smiling or with a cigarette hanging from your lips.
Pray for the prey.
I for an eye.
It took 1 shot. And it changed us both. You have been weakened by an always lingering complex that has now found a permanent home in you.
I have been strengthened by you begging me to take you back.
How superior can a man feel?
Oh how an ego can grow and be bold.
But you have always been a dangerous creature. And me humiliating you in public only strengthened the danger in your eyes.
I found that out the hard way when you hid in my back seat and strangled me with love.
Whispering sweet everything’s in my ear while I gasped for air and tried to grab hold of anything to make you stop.
Your ears or your hands or your hair.
This was it. This was done.
 My ego and arrogance has become the death of me.
My last breath came along with a kiss on the cheek and the wisest words that I have ever heard.

”There will always be people who will miss you once you're gone, but there will also always be people who never knew you existed in the first place.”

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