Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Taken away, way too early.

I wish I could say this without a second of doubt or a feeling of repent. But I’m witnessing something in the making. The making of something that could finish life as we know it on this God forsaken planet. It might not be true. But we've been bending the truth for ages to suit our endless needs. We just need something or someone to believe in. And I’m just a stepping stone for the rest of you to something bigger. Bigger than what we could grasp or imagine. If God could, he would throw down a glance and say this was you’re purpose all along. The search of self and the feeling of being a nobody is finally over. 'Cause it aint death if you’re life never really got started. And I would look up with a smirk and ask with hope, if you’re up there waiting for me. And just like only he can, he would glance down at my feet and say no. For I am a lost soul and a betrayer. Just like a crippled promise i would sit and wait for the feeling to come back only to learn the ugly truth. And I will have to choose. And I will stand up and say "I give my life, so that you can finally feel alive". Because the mind needs what the heart wants. And all I ever wanted was to get you off your knees.

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