Sunday, 14 September 2014

God Only Borrows.

It's in bad taste to give a gift and to take it away. 
Yet God does this everyday. 
I'm not saying that I wanted you dear... 
I'm just saying that you could've stayed.

I warned you from the start what to expect. 
But a warning is meaningless when it falls on death's ears. 
I'm not the black plague. 
But every living thing I touch will eventually die some day.

That's why I hate to love you for making promises of forever. 
Yet I can't run away from you, and believe me, I've tried. 
I’m like a dog chasing a car. 
Dying to end up under your tyres.

Just wishing that I could go to bed with a knife taped to my hand. 
And hopefully when I wake up and rub my eyes in the morning I wont be seeing you again.

Well you failed me. 
And I take failure with a pinch of salt, and pretty soon ill be drifting in an ocean. 
Stranded, Thirsty and lonesome. 
Nothing like a shot of vodka to make me sink back into the depths of our love down below.

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