Monday, 17 March 2014

Till death do us. Part 1.

Based on a friend I lost to drunk driving. How we lived without a care in the world. Everything was just 1 big party and we were unstoppable. One day I will join him in hell and we will have the time of our afterlives.

Just like the days of yester-year, I miss the childish nature of a joke gone wrong. We were the kings in a town littered with alcoholics. Elvis would’ve been proud. We know we have to grow up sometime, but how can it be done when there’s a city full of wet roads and whole female hearts to punch our tickets in. Everybody has got a story to tell and a chance to yell at the people who are lying and the people trying to keep us away from feeling drunk and happy. Take another drink for the road and test if the handbrakes are working. If not then it was surely worth a try. Just like our fallen comrades next to the road we will be forgotten by dead flowers and head on collisions. But come and pay your regards by drowning in gin and join us while we cross the river Styx. We erect a party wherever we go and it never gets old. Hell better stock up on drugs and hard liquor, for eternity we will burn the midnight oil and toast to the good old days and the friends yet to join this VIP only gathering. Where we shall go down on history and even maybe Monroe.

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