Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Age Bloody Mary.

Just something I wrote after an evening in Hatfield square and seeing the young girls and how some of them dress and then had the thought of "if Jack The Ripper were alive today, what fun he would have." so this is just a concept piece on what a modern day Jack the Ripper would think. The line "That tattoo on her lower back is the watermark of the promiscuous" is taken from a quote by the character Hank Moody from the series Californication.

Welcome to the collapse.
 Self-medication is the best remedy in this situation.
Approved by the team who brought you the serial killer gene.
Dim the lights and cue the music. I've dusted myself off and I've shined my shoes. I've pressed my tux and freshened up. Now I'm rolling in stride with a new found arrogance. Dead man walking. Dead man walking. That's what is said when I hear the girls talking.
I am the devil's gift to woman and they can't wait to unwrap me.
Believe the hype(rbole).
No one can abuse me like me. I truly believe that the whole world goes dark when I close my eyes and that your last breath can bring it light again. I've signed my soul over to whoever receives this letter, from hell with love.
Nothing can touch me except the law and I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm at every beck and call for a media frenzy. She asked for it your honor. Just like the rest. That tattoo on her lower back is the watermark of the promiscuous. Her short skirt was screaming out for murder. It was like the 4th of July with people in the streets and stars in her eyes. 17 years of searching for love. 17 minutes of experiencing it.
I'm guilty.
There, I admit it.
I've got blood on my hands and whiskey in my veins. If I could do it again I would and I'd savor every loveless moment. They don’t call me the ripper for nothing Jack.
Life is beautiful through the eyes of the born. It's the born again that ruin it.

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